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FSO SA and the Polish-Canadian industrial designer Arkadiusz Kaminski, founder and CEO of AK Motor International Corporation, have ratified an agreement which may decide the future of the Syrena brand. The document stipulates that FSO retains its historic rights as the car manufacturer of the original Syrena, while AK Motor receives the official and exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and sell vehicles under the name AK Syrena. FSO has confirmed that it will not make use of the Syrena brand in the future due to the planned production of its own, new cars and stated that the AK Syrena project is a great idea which will enable the rebirth of the brand under the management of AK Motor. As we read in the official statement: “the door remains open for cooperation between FSO and AK Motor and AK Motor could well use FSO as a manufacturer”. Arkadiusz Kaminski said that the plan is to produce AK Syrena in Poland based, at least at the beginning, on existing components. Additionally, if it is possible, the plan is to cooperate with FSO in the future. The new car may also serve as a platform for the promotion of innovative technologies which are eco-friendly. The whole idea revolves around the construction of a modern version of the previously popular Syrena, at the same time using the latest technologies offered by other manufacturers. For now, it has only been acknowledged that AK Motor (with its headquarters in Canada) is currently working on a concept car called AK Syrena Koncept 1 “Meluzyna”, however all further details about the car are being kept secret. No one knows when the car will see the light of day. In an official statement, the founder of AK Motor Arkadiusz Kaminski pointed out that the casual observer might not notice the fact that the talented designers who previously worked for FSO left a legacy for future generations giving us design solutions characterised by rational and elegant simplicity which make the Syrena timelessly attractive.

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